Review and Evaluation

Authors submit their self-published books to Remarkable Pages for consideration in traditional publishing acquisition. The submission includes the manuscript, a book synopsis, and any relevant information about the book’s performance and marketing efforts.

Endorsement Assessment

Remarkable Pages conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the submitted book. This evaluation includes assessing the book’s quality, market potential, reader feedback, and overall viability in the traditional publishing industry. Remarkable Pages considers factors such as writing style, plot development, marketability, and the author’s engagement with their target audience.

Manuscript Refinement & Collaboration

If the submitted book demonstrates potential, Remarkable Pages works closely with the author to refine the manuscript, cover design, and other key elements. Professional editing, proofreading, and design services are provided to enhance the book’s presentation and align it with industry standards. Remarkable Pages collaborates with the author to optimize the book’s market appeal and ensure it stands out to traditional publishing companies.

Strategic Submissions

Remarkable Pages prepares a targeted submission package to pitch the endorsed book to suitable traditional publishing companies. The submission package includes a polished manuscript, a compelling query letter, a market analysis highlighting the book’s unique selling points, and any notable endorsements or accolades. Remarkable Pages leverages its industry connections and expertise to identify and approach appropriate traditional publishing companies on behalf of the author.

Acquisition Negotiation & Transition

If a traditional publishing company expresses interest in acquiring the book, Remarkable Pages acts as the author’s representative during negotiation. Remarkable Pages works diligently to secure favorable terms, including royalty rates, marketing support, and distribution opportunities. Once an agreement is reached, Remarkable Pages facilitates the contract signing and helps the author smoothly transition into the traditional publishing landscape.

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